High Precision Straight Chef’s Tweezers 14cm

14cm These straight tweezers are great for adding the perfect finish. Great for smaller foods like prawns, scallops and other delicate items.

The  Offcet Tweezer 14cm

Perfect for plating food when you want attention to detail and need perfect control.

SuperFine® Angled Tip Chef’s Tweezers 14cm

This is a high precision anglede tip chefs tweezer. Its perfect for those fine details, better precision and control over your plating.

The Offcet Tweezer 20cm

The larger 20cm offset tweezer is perfect for the person that wants to use it for big platings or using it to turn over something hot on a plate.

Jet Black Nordic Chefs Curvey Handle Rocher Spoon – 20cm

Our Nordic Chefs Curvey Handle Rocher spoon 20cm is made of the finest stainless steel with a jet black color

The Rocher Spoon is not only beautiful, its special shape will help you produce some of the best rocher scoops for your plat

Nordic Chefs Straight Spatula Jet Black 15,5cm  

This is the newest addition to our Nordic Chefs spatula series

  • Stainless Steel
  • None Flexible
  • Approved for food

Nordic Chefs Full Tweezer + Rocher Spoon Curvey Large + Spatula Kit + Sharpie – Jet Black #2


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